Ready to RESET your Health, LOSE WEIGHT, and start LIVING?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us aware of how important it is for us to practice self-care and level up on our health. This is the time to Reset and Regain your health and live your life at your best.


This is a complete 4 week intensive Transformational Protocol incorporating Intermittent Fasting, Modified Keto, Prescriptive Self Injectable Vitamins, and one on one coaching with our Nurse Practitioner Thu.

With our Home Kit Injections you will have it delivered straight to your door and we will teach you via TeleHealth along with providing you support on how to self inject yourself with confidence!

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Vitababe Benefits

Absorb More Nutrients

Injectable Vitamins allow your body to utilize 100% of the nutrients since they are administered directly into your bloodstream. Vitamins taken orally must pass through your digestive system first. Your gut health will affect how much bioavailability will be left over after the digestive process and how much your body will absorb it.

Gain Control of Your Health

Our goal is to educate you on your health and how to lose weight the right way with Intermittent Fasting and a Modified Ketogenic diet. Become independent and gain control of your life. Don’t rely on diet fads, unhealthy weight loss, or misinformation.

Social Distance & Save Time

With COVID-19 restrictions and the importance of social distancing, we provide telehealth consults via our HIPAA-protected platform through video chat or text in the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to spend time traveling to a clinic and can do our medical weight loss program right from home.

Clients First

At Vitababe, your health and safety always come first. We have a mission to treat all of our clients with respect, compassion, and non-judgment. We are passionate in what we do to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Telehealth Weight Loss in the Comfort of your OWN home.

  • Consult with a Medical Provider via HIPAA-protected Video Chat
  • Receive a Comprehensive Wellness & Medical History Review
  • Discuss and create GOALS that you can ACHIEVE
  • Get Prescribed Weight Loss Protocols and Injectable Vitamins & Amino Acids

How We Work

  1. Book an Appointment
  2. Fill out Patient Intake Forms
  3. Receive a Telehealth Consult via video chat with a Medical Provider
  4. If you’re approved, receive prescribed Protocol and/or Injectable Home Kits
  5. Schedule Weekly Follow-ups with a Medical Provider to ensure you’re on the right track!

Home Kits


Boost your immune system with a customized pharmacy compounded blend of MIC plus BComplex plus Vitamin C all in one high quality Injections!


Start your weight loss GOALS winning with our blended MIC Injections to improve your energy, increase fat burning, and boost your metabolism.


Don’t let Muscle Recovery delay your fitness routine. Quality blends of Vitamins and Amino Acids injections will help you recover faster, boost energy levels, and reach your fitness goals!

Want to D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)?

Feeling independent? Don’t need the extra medical attention and supervision? These Vitababe D.I.Y weight loss Protocols were designed with your independence in mind. We are all about making your life easier.

Simply choose a D.I.Y protocol for you, follow the protocol, and lose weight.

D.I.Y Protocols

Transformation Protocol
4 Weeks of Intermittent Fasting & Modified Keto Protocol

Vita Intermittent Fasting Protocol
4 Weeks of Intermittent Fasting Protocol

Vita Modified Keto Protocol
4 Weeks of Modified Keto Protocol

Vita Busy Nurse Protocol
4 Weeks of Intermittent Fasting & Modified Keto Protocol fit for the busy Nurse Schedule



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Pharmacy statement: “Patient Safety is our priority and delivering quality pharmaceutical Home Kits is our part of our mission. All of our Home Kits comes from an FDA regulated 503A and 503B Compounding pharmacy that meets all USP 797 sterile compounding and USP 795 nonsterile compounding standards. You can rest assure you are receiving compounded pharmaceutical quality to kickstart your health journey.”