Who is Vitababe?

Vitababe is a Virtual Medical Weight Loss Clinic specializing in Intermittent Fasting, Modified Ketogenic Lifestyle Protocols, and Self-Injectable Home Kit Vitamins. It is founded by Thu Nguyen, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner passionate about Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine with a no nonsense approach. With almost 10 years of experience in Critical Care Medicine and a proud frontline healthcare worker in the ICU during the peaks of COVID-19 in New York, Miami, and California she has witnessed the detrimental consequences of preventable metabolic diseases on her patients.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Nursing at the University of Miami School of Nursing along with completion of two Registered Nurse Residency Program at University of Miami Hospital where she kick started her career.

Her clinical experience includes Level 1 Trauma teaching facilities and reputable private hospitals throughout South Florida, New York, Connecticut, and California. Her professional passion focuses on patient education in Preventative Healthcare, and advancing her studies in Nutrition and Metabolic diseases.

In her personal life her achievements includes being a former fitness competitor placing first in WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) and Nationally Qualified for the NPC (National Physique Committee) as a Figure Competitor. Thu’s passion throughout the years is promoting a healthy and wholesome lifestyle to her patients and the public. Her motto and teaching style focuses on Simplicity and Positivity.


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From the Founder

“COVID-19 has taught me the importance of a human’s immune system. No matter how much expensive medication we give our patients, the body itself still has to fight and heal from the virus. Above all else, choosing to be happy and healthy is the first foundation that needs to be established.”
– Thu

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to give you the tools to lose weight the realistic way. Through education and a non-judgmental, compassionate coaching style, our intention is for you to be well-informed about your own health so you can take control of it and be independent.
The purpose for this mission came from Thu witnessing how uninformed patients were about their health and how dependent they were on their medical providers — to the point that they were willing to do anything their medical providers told them without question.

“As a Nurse at heart, for many years one of my main roles was to teach patients about their treatment plan. Naturally, as a Nurse Practitioner I emphasize a lot of teaching and education for my patients.”
– Thu

Virtual Visits

While we may be totally virtual, we are setup to deliver an incredible
experience on your weightless and health journey.