Weight Loss Protocols

The word Protocol in the Medicine world applies to specific rules, patient criteria’s, and organized step by step processes followed by a healthcare professional to deliver a specific treatment plan successfully. At Vitababe we believe in applying a similar approach when it comes to losing weight with our main goal is to rid you of your frustration and confusion when it comes to weight loss. We have witnessed a greater success rate amongst our clients when there is a straight forward direct no nonsense step by step directional approach to losing weight.

Featured Protocol:
Vitababe Transformation

What’s Included:
This is a complete 4 week intensive Transformational Protocol incorporating Intermittent Fasting, Modified Keto, Prescriptive Self Injectable Vitamins, and one on one coaching with our Nurse Practitioner Thu.

Telehealth Consult and Medical and Wellness Evaluation
Intermittent Fasting Protocol
Modified Ketogenic Protocol
Prescribed Self Injectable weight loss Vitamins and Amino Acids
One on One Coaching with Nurse Practitioner Thu

Transformation Protocol Cost: $330

Our Goal

Our goal is simple and genuine. We want our clients to be successful in their weight loss journey and educated on how to lose weight and take control of their health the right way. We envision our clients who complete our program to be very knowledgeable in their own health and who are able to go on their own and do it independently.

D.I.Y. Weight Loss Protocols (launching soon)

Price: $19.95 Per Protocol

D.I.Y. Vita Busy Nurse Protocol E-Book

Are you a busy nurse with hectic 12 hr shift schedules, stressed out, and can’t seem to get a routine down to lose weight. This book was created by Nurse Practitioner Thu herself because she understands your struggles! This protocol is designed by a Nurse for a Nurse to help you lose weight and be healthy.

D.I.Y. Vita Transformation Protocol E-Book

This is our Featured Transformation Protocol created for you in a do it yourself format. This is a 4 week protocol of Intermittent Fasting, Modified Keto, Keto Food List, and Vitamin Recommendations. 

D.I.Y. Vita Intermittent Fast Protocol E-Book

New to Fasting or Intermediate level? This is a great protocol to kick start your Intermittent Fasting lifestyle or modify the current one you have. Included is 4 weeks of various Intermittent Fasting times that will keep your body guessing and avoiding plateaus

D.I.Y Vita Modified Keto Protocol E-Book

Do you do better with no or low carbs but don’t know how to sustain this type of lifestyle? Our protocol will guide you how to start and maintain a modified Keto life! We call it Modified because our protocol isn’t about strict Keto or NO carbs. We’ll have you cycling on and off Carbs weekly so you can live …

We understand some of us like our independence. That is why we created our D.I.Y. ( Do It Yourself) E-Book protocols that can be downloaded to most smartphones, desk top, and tablets via email.